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A couple of days ago, I announced that I would be posting a new senior from the graduating class of 2011 everyday until graduation. I lied. Today, I lost my glasses and HAD to go order two more pairs. ( One thing you may not know about me is that  I lose about 6 pairs […]

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Kanani - So funny….about the glasses! I wonder where they go? I think your glasses and Sofia’s socks end up in the same place =)

Kirsten from Windsor


Kirsten was my first senior model from the Class of 2011 ! We did a great shoot with Brooke, Kirsten,Kirsten ( and yes, there are two and they sound different, Keeerrsten, and Kursten ) Jacob, Wesley and Ryan. It’s in the blog archives for more info on that first shoot. The pix of the whole […]

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Helen Craig - Thank you for capturing the beauty in my daughter! Your work is amazing..

Celeste PhotoArt - thanks, I thought it would be fun to honor all the seniors that we photographed.
After you move, you can help me!!!

Kanani - Pretty!!! Really pretty! I love when you post on the blog

How ’bout some love for me?!

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Who says it’s a dog’s life? This is a shot from an engagement shoot for Nikki and Hector… check out those legs! Go Nikki!

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Kanani - The doggy is adorable!!Love those shoes Nikki!

Celeste PhotoArt - I love this picture. So cute!

HOW PHOTOGRAPHER’S PLAY/ New Pic for Celeste/ Santa Rosa Photography


You might wonder what photographer’s do on the day off..let me tell you, they photograph. It’s crazy , I know. Last week, I went up the coast to Point Arena to shoot a wedding with my friend Judy . We went a day early to enjoy the coast and what does she want to do? […]

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Kanani - Sweeeeeeet Pic of you!! I love it

Guess what I got in the mail?

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I opened the mailbox and there was a little package. Intrigued, I opened it up and realized I had gotten an award from the Professional Photographers of America. I was so not expecting it. About 18 years ago, I received my Craftsman degree from the PPA. I earned this degree by Speaking and teaching other […]

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Rayner - That is really cool. Thanks for sharing this milestone of excellence!

Celeste PhotoArt - Thanks everyone!!! You are my family in the truest sense..

Kanani - Congrats to you!! I feel honored everyday to work with you and grateful for the opportunity as well!!! FAA!!!

Peg - I am so proud of you, my love! You’re the best! congrats Big Time!!! love you, Peg and Michael too!

Bonnie Christopher - Celeste!!! Congrats on the award! You so deserve recognition for your unbelievable talent and your wealth of knowledge as a photographer. Cheers! Love, Bonnie

Cris Dobbins - Congratulations! What an accomplishment. You deserve it! Woot!!!