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Natasha from Monty, Senior Model 2012!

Natasha Rocks! She’s such a ¬†classic beauty! I had so much fun Photographing her! Natasha has played volleyball at Montgomery High School for 4 years. When we asked Natasha what you might not know about her, She said: 1. I have a freckle in my eye. 2. I have a younger sister 3. I love […]

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STEPHANIE from El Molino High – She Rocks!

Blog post_Stephanie

Stephanie is the last of the 2012 Model Shoot #1. Next week we will be revealing MODEL SHOOT #2 so keep watching. Now, for to Stephanie. I saved Stephanie for last because I really loved her images. She is my surprise model. Every so often, someone comes along that the camera just loves! That is […]

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Stephanie Singler - stephanie wants to go to one with reina haha!

Celeste PhotoArt - Stephanie, Reina wants to take you to a concert! She loves them and goes all the time

Where is Reina and who is Veronica?

I was asking Kanani, my senior executive and correspondant, for Reina’s info because I really wanted to post her on the blog. Kanani said, I’ve sent it to you five times! “Well, I dont have it, send it again” and on and on it went, until I finally figured out that “Reina” who I photographed […]

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Celeste PhotoArt - Look at Aunt Lisa’s comment ” Veronica/Reina aka Vereinica ” See I have a right to be confused and silly!!
Still doesn’t change the fact that whatever we call her, full of life, beautiful and that shows on the camera!

Aunt Lisa - Veronica/Reina aka Vereinica ;)

Celeste PhotoArt - I’m so confused! that’s why Kanani is my senior correspondant! Anyone want me to take a picture of Kanani so you can see who keeps me in line?

jaime koste - These photos are AMAZING :) Gorgeous girl right there.

Kanani - Veronica is Reina’s mom….silly….you should be fired! but who would I work for then…never mind! you are not fired.

Jared – The other guy

Blog post _Jerod

Jared is the other guy. Did you see yesterday’s post? Tim from Windsor High was the star. Today it’s Jared from Windsor. I do want to tell you that it was only about three minutes after I posted Tim that FB want on fire. I received so many comments. I think the chicks dig you […]

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TIM surrounded by the babes! Windsor High-senior pictures


TIM and JARED were the only two guys amid a sea of fabulous babes at our model shoot. It was funny, we were all set up with clothes, accessories, some hair and makeup on location when Jerod and Tim arrived. My stylist and Senior Executive ( a la John Stewart ), Kanai, took one look […]

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Kanani - I forgot I said that.Give me a girl and I will style her out! Tim and Jared were great! I had them change into “an outfit” and then changed my mind and had them change again. They were great sports! Thanks Tim and Jared!!